urban waves

The wave maker-er

October 17, 2019

While nothing beats the ocean for achieving dreamy beach waves, the feel of your hair after a dip is far from dreamy. That’s where Urban Waves comes in.

With a flurry of 5-star reviews and a spot in Stylist Magazine’s coveted Style list, our lil’ blue bottle has certainly made its mark since hitting British shelves just six months ago. But, what’s all the fuss about?

The word on the street is it gives “hair its most natural wave without making it sticky, crunchy or mega dry!” Sounds simple, but it’s a feat most texture sprays struggle to master.

Is it a sea salt spray or a leave-in?

Both. Sort of. Unlike other texturisers, the key ingredient in Urban Waves isn’t actually sea salt. The real wave-maker is a corn starch, which not only helps to style but also holds those static fly-aways in check. When combined with avocado and coconut oils, tropical Aussie fruits and golden samphire, the result is a milky liquid that both creates movement and conditions your hair.

How do you use it?

To enhance your natural wave, spray directly onto wet or dry hair and scrunch. Or if you’d prefer something a little more polished, style your hair and then apply Urban Waves to create texture and movement.

Spray into your hands and apply for a more even distribution

Hot tip – if the product squirts out a little fast for you (because of the milky texture), just spray it into your hands and apply like you would a leave-in conditioner. Bonus side-effect = your hair AND hands will smell like a tropical dream.

Urban Waves. It’s like dunking your head in the ocean, but less drowny.