Party season survival: an Aussie’s guide

December 2, 2019

Christmas parties, jaeger bombs and late nights are all part and parcel of the silly season, and it can often take it out of you.

Navigate the festive circuit like an Aussie, with our six-step guide.

Step 1: Fill your boots

Going out on an empty stomach? Think again. The longer alcohol stays in your stomach, the slower it is absorbed into your bloodstream and the slower is affects your body. Food helps prevent alcohol from passing through your stomach too quickly, so have a good feed before getting ready and keep it classy, babes.

Line your stomach. Always.

Step 2: Enjoy the pre-game

An organised babe is a happier babe. Work out what you’re wearing in advance and give yourself plenty of time, so you can put on some tunes, have a glass of bubbly and actually enjoy the prep.

Hot tips:

  • Second-day hair is best for styling
  • Prep your skin – cleanse, scrub and drench your skin in moisture. Our Bondi Bum body firming cream will leave your skin tight, uber-dewy and has a dose of shimmer to oomph your glow
  • Pop some top-ups in your bag – lippy, concealer and a versatile bronzer serum, like Rays for Days, to keep you looking oh so fresh
Do as Margot does

Step 3: Have fun and be a bit shameless

Now, we’re not saying drink yourself into oblivion and wake up with the horrors. But, we are saying let go of your inhibitions and enjoy yourself. It’s good for your mental health, it’s good for your confidence and people will admire you for it.

A step too far

Step 4: H20 on the go

Hydration is key babes, so be sure to have regular water stops throughout the night. Here’s why: 1) it will slow down the effects of alcohol 2) it will keep your skin glowy 3) your hangover will thank you for it.

The only drink you’re allowed to skull

Step 5: Minimise the fallout

The golden rule of any good skincare routine is to go to bed with clean skin. Don’t be waking up with panda eyes that make your look as bad as you feel. We also recommend taking a Berocca before calling it a night to help your body replenish essential vitamins and minerals while you sleep.

Always remove make-up before going to bed

Step 6: Find a watering hole

Every Aussie knows nothing cures a hangover quite like a swim in the ocean. While hot Aussie temps make this far more appealing, a dip in cold water will better help mobile your energy stores. So, find a local pool or ocean, if you’re feeling brave!

Now, this is just madness