Plum is the new orange

June 3, 2019

Stand aside oranges, Kakadu Plums are taking over the yard.

And with 100 times the muscle (natural Vit C content) and a serious rep to boot, they’re fast recruiting women throughout the UK.

Bred exclusively in the tough outback of Australia for over 40,000 years, Kakadu Plums smuggle enough antioxidants, phytonutrients, Vitamins C & E, folic acid and iron to bring a glow to any hardened lifer.

So what’s the science behind this kick-arse Kakadu native?

Pro-collagen – With unparalleled levels of Vit C, the mighty Kakadu Plum stimulates collagen production, brightens the skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots.

Anti-ageing – Sporting more antioxidants, folic acid and carotenoids than Ruby Rose has tattoos, Kakadu Plums fight the free radicals guilty of causing early skin ageing and even DNA cell changes linked to cancer.

Phytonutrients – Kakadu Plums are particularly high in two phytochemicals, Gallic Acid and Ellagic Acid, that produce tighter, firmer and more supple skin, while also improving its elasticity. Cray cray!

Anti-inflammatory – A favourite of indigenous Australians for thousands of years, Gallic Acid also reduces redness, inflammation and irritation, and has been used as a soothing antiseptic. Geniuses!

Tasty – Ok, so not science, but hell they’re great on toast too (watch out avocados)!

Unfortunately Waitrose isn’t stocking KP jam just yet, but you can enjoy all the benefits of Kakadu Plums at home, with our Rays for Days bronzer serum.

Oranges shm-oranges!