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when I tell someone I’m the Founder of a beauty brand, unsurprisingly their first question is often “have you always been into beauty?” they’re then very shocked to hear me reply “not at all and I’m still not really.” but then, that’s whole point of Beached.

we’re here to liberate women from cumbersome beauty regimes – a way of life that thrives in Australia, but is yet to catch on elsewhere. we’re here to change that.

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how did I come up with the idea for Beached?

like most Aussies, I love to travel, so I moved to London in 2014, but came up with the idea for Beached when holidaying back home. when sitting on my local beach I couldn’t help but notice how care-free and effortlessly beautiful the women were. it stood out to me like never before as I had become used to women being more made up and spending a lot of time getting ready.

it’s then that I felt compelled to start a beauty brand that shared the Aussie no-fuss beauty culture with the world. and Beached is just that – natural, mult-ipurpose products powered by Aussie superfruits, that make getting ready a breeze.

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why the name Beached?

well, when else do you feel more liberated from beauty regimes than when you’re at the beach? but remember, Beached is a year-round state of mind – you’ll probably find you use the products even more in the Winter!