Australia, 2017.
salt in hair. bum in sand.

there’s something about the effortless, sun-kissed glow a day at the beach gives a girl. that’s what occurred to Meg, our founder, as she was getting ready to go back to her London life.

“wouldn’t it be amazing”
she said to herself, totally sanely, “if I could bottle it up and take it with me?”

was she divinely inspired or two wines deep?
whatever happened that day, the result was a natural beauty brand with a difference.

Beached is for women who love the natural and the easy.

and who want to feel beach-beautiful whether they’re by the ocean, or in the office.

Beached, what makes you so special?

i’m mates with the earth
my bottles, clutch bags and postal bags are made using recycled plastic

i’m au naturel
i’m made with natural ingredients and i never retouch my models

i’m the perfect size *wink*
to fit through your letterbox

i’m tested only on babes
and my founder’s hubby. sorry Pete

i’ve got the goods from Down Under
potent aussie super-fruits make me oh, so mighty