Australia, 2017.
salt in hair. bum in sand.

you never feel more liberated from beauty regimes than when you’re at the beach. that’s what occurred to Meg, our founder, as she was getting ready to go back to her London life.

“wouldn’t it be amazing”
she said to herself, totally sanely, “if I could bottle up this ‘no fuss’ beauty culture and take it with me?”

was she divinely inspired or two wines deep?
whatever happened that day, the result was a natural beauty brand with a difference – BEACHED.

at BEACHED, we only make products you simply can’t be without. and we make them really, really well.

products that are natural, multi purpose, effortless and fun. products that leave you looking like you’ve just got back from a beach holiday, but feeling like you’re still there.


BEACHED. get undone.

what makes our products so spesh?

we’re mates with the earth
our bottles, clutch bags and postal bags are made using recycled plastic

we’re au naturel
we’re made with organic, natural or naturally derived ingredients

we’re the perfect size *wink*
to fit through your letterbox

we’re tested only on babes
and my founder’s hubby. sorry Pete

we’re 2- or 3- or 4-in-1
we’re multi-purpose so you need less “stuff”

we’re oh so effortless
we’re simple and straight-forward

we’ve got the goods from Down Under
potent aussie super-fruits make us oh, so mighty