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Marie Kondo your shelfie

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If you don’t know who Marie Kondo is, you need to get onto Netflix stat. She might just be the best Japanese export since sushi and karaoke.

Queen Kondo is decluttering royalty and her incredible KonMari method is simple: gather all your belongings one category at a time and keep only those that ‘spark joy’.

Her minimal approach focuses on good feelings and sounds just like us, hence the shrine to Marie we may or may not have in the office… And hence this beauty shelf homage to our favourite clean queen.

So, set a timer for 1 hour and pour yourself a big glass girl. Let’s get decluttering!

1. Gather

Collect all your beauty products and put them all on a table. Go on, the old chapsticks in your handbags, dried-up mascara under the sink, never-worn nude lipsticks in the drawers and even that unopened can of glitter hairspray, circa-2006.

2. Eliminate

Matte green lipstick may make a comeback (or not), but be aware that beauty products have a shelf life, especially the more natural ones. Typically they’re around 12 months for water-based products, 18 for oil-based. Not only does the quality deteriorate, but the product can harbour bacteria and even damage your skin.

3. Liberate

Is there anything still in date and useable that you just know, deep down, you won’t use again? Time to find a new home. Put all of these items in a bag by your front door and next time you go out, give them away to family and friends or donate to local organisations.

Well done you made it this far! Hopefully, your pile is looking lighter and less overwhelming than before. This bit is where you can really channel your inner minimalist. Do you really need a tinted moisturiser, an SPF moisturiser and an organic moisturising gel? Go top up your drink and check your Instagram before the next step.

4. Condense

Now channel your inner KonMari. Think simple. Think less. Instead of using three products, multi-use one. This is Beached 101. Rays for Days is a highlighter, body glow and light coverage, saving space, time, money, waste and recycling. Anything excess goes in the liberate bag.

5. Organise

How you sort your products is highly personal. For example, you could distinguish by categories with all your face products together, hair products together and so on. Or you might organise by size, brand, colour, daily vs weekly, whatever works for you. Just put it away neatly!

And, you’re done! Welcome to your new, minimal, simple beauty collection. Ride the wave of smugness and enjoy sweet cheeks!

Want to be part of the A-beauty movement? Check out the Beached bundle to get you started.

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