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5 rules Aussie girls swear by

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 Margot Robbie in Elle US, Feb 2018

Aussie girls gleam a certain healthy, effortless vibe. Stunning, yet simple. Bronzed, yet basic. The glow of year-round sunshine, the waves of endless beaches.

Well, at least that’s what they’d have you believe. The truth is this effortlessly chic look transcends seasons, trends and even generations. It’s a lifestyle and one that will have you gleaming on even the most wintery of days.

So, here are five basic beauty hacks from our sisters down under that will not only have you radiating all-year-round but save your time, money and health as well.

1. Minimal over made-up

No one masters minimal make-up quite like the Aussies. They let their natural lustre do the hard yakka. Using minimal foundation and concealer, they lean on dewy bronzers, like Rays for Days bronzer serum, for a burnished, bronzed glow without the sun.


2. Nature has the answer

Aussies have a deep appreciation for the great outdoors and the power of nature. So, it’s no surprise natural beauty products are an Aussie girl’s default. Take Australia’s Kakadu Plum, for example. It has the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world; 100 times more than an orange! Chemical free and far superior to anything manmade. You’ll find this bad boy in Rays for Days bronzer serum and State of Hydrate leave-on mask.

I am OBSESSED. it gives the most natural, healthy-looking glow and it blends in like a dream.

3. Mess is best

Tousled beach waves is an Aussie style that will last the ages. Styled, blown-out hair looks like you’ve tried too hard – the antithesis of what Aussie beauty is all about. The more effortless and natural you look, the sexier you are by Aussie standards, and a product like Urban Waves hair texturiser will help you nail this look.


4. Tans fade, but sun damage lasts forever

Australia holds the unenviable title of skin cancer capital of the world. That glowing fireball in the sky is extremely damaging to your skin, causing it to darken, pigment and lose its suppleness. That’s why sun protection always takes centre stage in any good beauty routine, with strong SPF a must no matter how overcast the day.

5. Fewer, quality products

Aussies have too much to enjoy around them to waste time on cumbersome beauty regimes. A few quality, hard-working products always trump a cabinet of unused crap, which is why our Beached bundle of everyday essentials is such a popular choice. Multi-purpose over multi-cost. Additional skincare benefits over additional time wasted.


Want to be part of the A-beauty movement? Check out the Beached bundle to get you started.

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