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4 steps to bed-office beauty

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A switch to working from home is a major adjustment at the best of times, but chuck in a pandemic and you may also be dealing with share house politics or kids running around. So, when it comes to your beauty regime during iso (as the Aussies say), why not try out a more “no fuss” approach that makes you feel on your game while giving your skin and hair a much-needed breather? You never know, you might end up being a year-round convert, like us.

Step 1 – Get naked

Ditch the PJs and jump in the shower. Clean, scrub…wash your hair if it’s that time of the week.

Step 2 – Get hydrated

Moisturise your face and your bod. Before popping on your moisturiser, you might also wish to apply a serum, but unless you have a specific skin concern, a super-hydrating moisturiser with antioxidants to protect your skin is more than enough.

When it comes to your bod, follow the same rule – hydration and antioxidants. If you’ve got a specific concern, like sagging skin, go for a moisturiser that’s formulated to also treat this, like Bondi Bum.

Step 3 – Get made up (minimally)

If you’re not used to minimal makeup, then what better time to try? It’s a safe bet if you’re looking to feel a little more polished for that video call, but still want your skin to breath. Watch any beauty influencer and you’ll see minimal makeup often comprises three key items: a light base, concealer and mascara. That’s it.

For your base, try a bronzer serum, like Rays for Days, that blends into your natural skin tone and adds a healthy, bronzed glow. It’s also high in Vit C so you get added skincare benefits.

Step 4 – Get your mane in order

Now’s the perfect time to go on a strict, heat-styling detox. Let your hair dry naturally with the help of a leave-in conditioner or sea salt spray. Urban Waves is one of the few products on the market that does both, allowing you to enhance your natural wave while also doing your hair a solid.

Want to be part of the A-beauty movement? Check out the Beached bundle to get you started.

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