3 apps to de-stress

May 30, 2019

We’ve all been there – work’s a drag, you’re being unveiled to the in-laws (urgh, are we that serious already?!), Nan’s laying the no-visit guilt and the damn dog needs a check-up you can’t afford!

It’s a sushi train of disaster, one thing after another until the anxiety and stress max out and “bam!”, you’ve lost your mind (and no doubt, your patience). It happens to everyone – just try launching a new bare beauty range!

And while we may all benefit from professional help, sometimes a mental health app can provide enough relief to help relax and focus our mind, so we can dust ourselves off and kick-arse like Carrie B. Here’s our top 3:


You chat to it, it chats back. It’s that simple. This brilliant emotional health assistant learns about you and suggests different tactics to help. It can even monitor anxiety, depression and panic over long periods of time so you can spot trends and tackle them.


Need to meditate? This one’s for you. Full of bite-sized guided meditations, you can fit it into the craziest of schedules, this clever app helps you relax and focus like a sun-kissed monk, so you can be your Beached-best whatever the test.

Sleep Cycle

For guaranteed glow, Beached is second only to sleep. Whether you’re in bed by 9pm or 9am, Sleep Cycle monitors your snoozing patterns, listens to your movements and wakes you up at the ideal time to start creeping your socials.

No matter how hectic and horrible a time you’re having, you must make time for number one (psst…that’s you). Plus, all three apps are free, so no need to worry about money here. We got you and your dog, babe!